Sunday, 6 March 2011

Collection(s) Part 1, Lower Foyer gallery

Collection(s) Part 1 is an exhibition curated by the University of Dundee's Student Curatorial Team. We selected artworks from current students and positioned them alongside maths/science objects from the University's museum collection al without labels. By removing information of the original context of each piece we hoped to encourage the viewer to think about artworks/objects through a different perspective and appreciate each of them in new ways.

Curating this exhibition has led me to value the ability that a viewer has in bringing their own understanding to an exhibition. By not labelling pieces, viewers were encouraged to apply their own frames of reference to works on display and interpret them through that. This allowed us to evoke appreciation of museum objects that would typically not be displayed by the museum or when they were they would be surrounded by information about their history or primary use. I believe that ultimately we always bring our own context or frame of reference to an exhibition (or more generally in life), albeit to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes, or often? we forget about our own frame because we are accustomed to experiencing life through it.

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