Monday, 25 August 2014

May Meet In Mutual, exhibition and events this week.

This week will see the MMIM Micro Residency with Frances Davis, Pauline M. Hynd, David McLeish, Bobby Sayers & Lada Wilson! This two-day residency also includes Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson, who have also developed work for the exhibition over the weekend, the artists will use the time to exchange ideas with other Micro Residents, to research or make works in response to the site and to potentially develop performance, spoken word or screen-based work to be shared at the Open Stage which will take place during the Preview on Friday. The Micro Residency is closed to the public.

On Friday from 3-6pm May Meet In Mutual Open Install leads to the Preview of the exhibition of newly developed site responsive works by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson. Responding to the situation of the Park Ranger Centre within Baxter Park, the artists share a common interest in boundaries, edges, and the in between and how these affect peoples’ interaction and relations. Mabadi’s sensitive work explores intimacy through a directness of the experience with the audience. Her performances and sculptural work often generate a sense of being at once near the edge of something whilst becoming a part of a shared meeting place. Reid is also interested in relations between people and investigates these through the notion of playfulness or performativity that is often present in our being in the world. Through clever positioning of live-feed cameras and monitors, combined with use of the Park Ranger Centre’s ground to ceiling glass windows, Reid takes the visitor to a place of inquiry whereby their watching, acting and manoeuvring of the space is distorted and revealed to them. Reid also takes her work outside the Park Ranger Centre, temporarily marking the large pillars so that they become an abstract signpost to the event within the space. Thomson’s sculpture underplays the power of the wrought iron fences. Through an exact replica of a portion of the fence made from wood, Thomson transposes the fence into a functional coat rack to be gifted to the Park Ranger Centre after the exhibition.

Sogol Mabadi, The Family, Transmission Gallery, 2014. Photo by Tor Jonsson

Craig Thomson, The Storm, 2014

Emma Reid, hole, video installation, 2014 
Emma Reid, hole, video installation, 2014
Central Station have featured the Event: and will be sharing a guest blog with contributions from the Micro Residents later in the week.

Check out the invitation for more information on the project, including our sponsors:

Monday, 4 August 2014

OPEN CALL: Micro Residency, 27 & 28 August, Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee. Part of May Meet In Mutual

Interested artists (including visual artists, musicians, writers, etc.) are invited to answer an Open Call to take part in a two-day Micro Residency as part of the project May Meet In Mutual based in the Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee.

Micro Residency 27 & 28 August:
The two-day Micro Residency is an opportunity to research and/or make work in response to the site and most importantly to share and exchange ideas with others. We seek artists who are interested in considering what can be important/complex/exciting/problematic about site-responsive practice. Micro Residents will be invited to share responses during the Open Stage event on Friday 29 August while an exhibition of works by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson opens to the public. The Open Stage format will be particularly suited to Micro Residents who intend to focus on performance, text, or video-based work. 

Micro Residents will utilise the Park Centre where desk space and basic materials will be supplied, and lunch will be provided on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 August. 

How to Register Interest:
Please complete the MMIM Micro Residency Note Of Interest and submit to by 5pm, 12 August 2014. 

The Note Of Interest can be found on our website here: 

This project is co-curated by MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid).
With thanks to Maryfield Regeneration Team and the Friends of Baxter Park.
This project is supported by the Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust and IdeasTap.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

May Meet In Mutual, Park Centre, Baxter Park, 29-31 August 2014

An exhibition of site-responsive sculptural and performance work by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson.
Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee
29 – 31 August
Open Install: 29 August, 3-6pmOpen Night with Open Stage: 29 August, 6-9pm

Conversation over Coffee: 30 August, 3-4pm
Exhibition Open: 30 August & 31 August10am-4pm
We will soon be announcing an Open Call for Micro Residents during 27 & 28 August! Micro Residents will be invited to produce new site-responsive work to share at Open Stage, which will coincide with the Open Night of May Meet In Mutual exhibition in the Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee on Friday 29 August.

This project is co-curated by MMIM (Emma Reid & Katie Reid) and initial project development was informed through conversations with Hannah Moitt.
With thanks to Maryfield Regeneration Team and the Friends of Baxter Park.
This project is supported by the Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust and IdeasTap.