Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So, I'm chewing the cud, I think the grey/silver piece I posted about yesterday really does suit being on the wall: it works in my studio.

More importantly... I was told my degree show space today, and I am happy about it! It was not the space I asked for - I mentioned one of the less popular spaces on my proposal form hoping that it might allow me to get the other aspects that I wanted. But in actual fact I think this space ticks all the boxes! Plus I'm sharing it with 3 other girls that I think will be good fun and we will all provide good support for one another (day 2 of install is my birthday so hopefully there'll be fun-times in the space amongst painting/sanding/cleaning/crying!)
Tomorrow I plan to go back into the space (for the third time since I found out it would become my degree show space at 3.30pm today) and take some photos and measurements etc. so that I can keep that very much at the forefront of my mind as the next few weeks go by.

I am starting to feel excited about my degree show, for now I'm looking forward to all the fun, stress, discovery and excitement that will be going on in the buildings over those days. I'm not ready for 'it' but the prospect of 'it' being there isn't horrifying me. The idea of graduating and being given my degree classification however, is somewhat closer towards the sensation of dread and disgust...

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