Thursday, 25 July 2013

Currently working as...

Currently working as Curatorial Assistant with Cooper Gallery, Exhibitions at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Having worked there since April, I've had the opportunity to see through the Undergrad Degree Show and a Centre for Artists' Books exhibition at Centrespace, and now we're working towards the Masters Show and Knife Edge Press: The Complete Works (so far) with Bruce McLean and Mel Gooding, as well as preparing for a really exciting interdisciplinary exhibition later in the year and making preparations and funding applications for future projects. It gives me the brilliant opportunity to learn about different stages in project development.

I'll be working until early September and by then it'll certainly be time to take stock of everything I've learned! Sophia Hao, Curator and Andrew Dodds, Technical Manager have been incredible sharing their knowledge and experience, whether it's in answer to small queries or by helping me to think through larger or more complicated situations.

Then from September I'll focus on SHIFT which is the project I'm curating with the funding I was granted by Dundee Visual Artists Awards. I hope to hold the exhibition towards the end of October, which should allow me to spend time in the run up working on it full-time. There are a few people already on board who I'm looking forward to working with, but I will also have a Call Out for artists soon.