Saturday, 17 May 2014

shift - site visit, Enjoy...! Coffee Lounge, Dundee.

shift is shaping up.

Site visit extraordinaire today with three of the artists contributing to shift meeting me for americanos at Enjoy...! Coffee Lounge - that third place between home and work.

Morgan Cahn, Richard Taylor, Lada Wilson. NOTE-shift at Enjoy...! Coffee Lounge

Talking ensued. Some performed a meeting, sitting straight, diligently taking notes. Others transcribed their own thoughts as the site influenced plans for their work. Tables were pointed at and re-arranged in our mind's eye - yes, a singular mind's eye, shared by the four of us as we discussed shift.

Morgan Cahn's table became clothed in drawing after the ceiling lights presented to her a twisted network of highlights like a mind-map and sparked new ideas for how she would install her work.

Richard Taylor spoke of Work Done; he's already begun, much more to come. See his twitter for some photographs - one of which might appear in the Coffee Lounge in June as part of an installation to include performative readings.

We opened the blinds at our window table and looked out to the dis-used door space where Lada Wilson's 47 Words might appear as part of her inside/outside installation.

Enjoy...! Coffee Lounge, 44-46 Albert Street, Dundee.

Our conversations concluded and the artists journeyed west from Stobswell. Called over by Enjoy...! owners, Aziz and Lawra, I stayed behind and, notebook out at the ready, we three sketched a timeline for 22 June.

shift is coming soon at Enjoy...! Coffee Lounge, 44-46 Albert Street, Dundee. Put a note for 22 June, 12.30-4.30pm in your diary/notebook/a napkin/etc.

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