Friday, 17 January 2014

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So, my last post said I would start working on SHIFT and leave Exhibitions DJCAD in September, however the plan changed a lot and in fact I stayed full-time until, well, yesterday! Now I'm on a new part-time contract I'll have more time to focus on projects of my own while still working on the fantastic exhibitions we have coming up with Exhibitions DJCAD.

It was wonderful to work through the full cycle of Georgina Starr's Before Le Cerveau Affamé - the Opening Ceremony Performance, the exhibition, the production of a new artist's book, and the Salon of the Voice created a complex and mysterious world that fed our 'hungry brains' with Starr's own tarot system, bubble gum brains, ceramic cats, surreal film and French poetry.

Naiza Khan's Disrupting the Alignment opens today, a filmic installation that takes the structures, geography and stories of Manora Island off the coast of Pakistan as a point for exploration of the social, economic complexities at play in contemporary Pakistan.

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