Monday, 11 February 2013

Fun A Day Dundee, 2013

Last year Morgan Cahn brought Fun A Day to Dundee inviting individuals to pick a project to do each day of the month of January, and then submit their work for a celebratory group exhibition. 2013 saw it return with 38 people taking part, myself included: I decided to use the project to kick-start re-learning French.

'Un peu quelque chose francais, chaque jour'

I studied French at high school, though I never got to the stage where I was confident in being able to hold a conversation in the language. Aware that my skills would only continue to diminish, Fun A Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to return to my learning before forgetting everything entirely. 

Easing my way back into the language, I spent January watching French tv, reading Le Monde, remembering grammar rules, emailing a friend in French and booking/planning a trip to Paris in February! I created a zine to document some of the things I'd been up to and wrote everything in French, including my to-do list for my trip to Paris.

Image courtesy of Scotsman-In-Hawaii 

There was a vast variety of work for Fun A Day, which is part of what makes it such a brilliant project to take part in - almost nothing would seem out-of-place so you can really take your own idea and run with it. 

The Celebratory Exhibition was held at Roseangle Cafe Arts, Feb 8th from 6-9pm. There was such a great atmosphere made by people bustling around talking about the works, (trying to see as many as possible over the evening) all interspersed by the sounds of the flute whenever Matt-R was summoned by ringing a bell and later in the evening there was a performance by Playground Tactics. Then we joined up with folk from the DCA's Jutta Koether Seasons and Sacraments exhibition preview for a lot of dancing at an After-Party at Redd. Fun A Day, 2013 certainly got the year off to a great beginning... ensuite j'irai a Paris!

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