Wednesday, 15 August 2012

May Meet In Mutual, Install, day one.

Great day installing 'May Meet In Mutual' with more to come tomorrow

Today was productive and allowed us to start getting a feel for the space and how to arrange the works. Holly Keasey set up her table, which is nearly ready for her 'Sew 'n' Grow' conversation groups. 

Here's Morgan Cahn's paper sculpture taking shape in the space. Look out for her 'Me(a)nder' project, through which she will be helping to mend your worn out textiles, solve wider issues or perhaps mend your broken heart. Check out her site for previous work.

Hannah Moitt joined us from Glasgow today bringing her painting/screenprint/illustrations with her on the train! Her bold and detailed images are now hanging in the space, come join us at the Baxter Park Ranger Centre tomorrow for our Open Install and take a look for yourself. More works will arrive tomorrow so lots more still to happen.

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