Thursday, 19 July 2012

Notes on Baxter Park

Baxter Park was designed by Sir Joseph Paxton and donated to the inhabitants of Dundee in1863. At that time the park was on the edge of the town and became a desirable area to live in. Obviously Dundee developed in size and the park is now in the east of the city rather than on the outskirts.

"Stobswell had long been a popular neighbourhood with many Dundonians. However during the 1990's with changing housing policy, factory closures and redundant road proposals the picture had changed.
In 2001 and 2002 flats in the area were difficult to sell. There were complaints about poor maintenance, dereliction and an overall decline in neighbourhood."
Stobswell Regeneration: "A key objective was "to demonstrate the long term viability of inner city communities by achieving a sustainable regeneration of Stobswell". The basic task was to restore Stobswell to its previous status as Dundee's third most popular inner suburb."

UK Landscape Award 2010. Baxter Park was a finalist having won within Scotland. Lots of info about the Restoration Project and the Park: 

"The Baxter Park Restoration Plan was formed in 1995 to ensure its considered restoration to a safe and active Community green space. Through this scheme, the Park has seen many improvements, with a great reduction in vandalism and antisocial behaviour.  With the restoration and upgrading of the Central Sandstone Pavilion, space has been created for a cafĂ© and a beautiful setting for 
functions and events as well as civil weddings. The creation of the Park Centre has given the local  Community a space for local events and activities, and has provided a base within the Park for 
supervisory staff and Community Wardens."

Stobswell Regeneration info :

Park Centre in 2006, different front door:

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