Friday, 13 April 2012

Just glad stamps don't have the price printed on them anymore.

Today, news that the Royal Mail is to limit the number of first and second class stamps available to retailers in the run up to the price change of April 30th, with Superdrug having already reached its quota.

Information from Guardian website

Best get out and panic buy stamps like some did with petrol on first warnings of strike action last month, (though good news for drivers, there is the potential for a deal to be made with fuel tanker drivers.)

Bought a pack of the DC Thompson anniversary stamps earlier this month, beautiful objects. It is a shame to think mail collection and delivery is falling so considerably, partially due to consumers substituting it with e-mail, social media and text messages. 

"The Royal Mail's chief executive, Moya Greene, said the state-owned business had no choice but to ramp up first-class prices by 30% and second-class by 39%, having seen its mail collection and delivery unit lose nearly £1bn in four years. Mail volumes have slumped by a quarter since 2006 to 59m letters and parcels a day." BBC

But 60p... just glad they don't have the price printed on them anymore so I can pretend they're still 36p, like they were in 2009. Though apparently we were "infuriated" back then with 4 years in a row of price increases above inflation. 

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